Do not look in the teeth


Psychology Video: This is What Happens If You Don't Brush Your Teeth!

Advertising of toothpaste manufacturers tirelessly convinces us that the whiteness of teeth is the key to success in relationships with the opposite sex and in life in general.alt

Scientists from the University of Leipzig (Germany) Lea Hefel, Matias Lange and Thomas Jacobsen (Lea Hoffel, Mattias Lange, Thomas Jacobsen) decided to check how much the appearance of teeth affects the general opinion about the attractiveness of people.

They photographed 10 young men and 10 women with a smile opening the upper teeth, and using computer image processing they made several variants of each photo, changing only the color of the teeth (more or less white) and their shape (even - uneven). After this, participants in the study were asked to evaluate the attractiveness of the characters from photographs and explain their choices.

It turned out that neither the color nor the shape of the teeth does not have the slightest influence on the overall assessment of appearance. That is, teeth should be cleaned, of course, necessary, but our attractiveness is determined by something completely different.

Do not look in the teeth
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