Interesting acquaintance


Psychology Video: Special Guest Commentary 01 - An Interesting Acquaintance

You have just been introduced to a new acquaintance, but in less than a minute, how did you forget his name? Most likely, he is simply not very interesting to you, say psychologists at the University of Kansasalt

You have just been introduced to this person - and now his name immediately flew out of your head, and you are embarrassed to continue the conversation ... But there is no reason to worry about your own memory, says psychology professor at the University of Kansas (USA) Richard Harris. Most likely, your new interlocutor is just not interesting enough for you. To avoid embarrassment, the professor offers an extremely simple strategy: "From the very first second of a conversation, try to contact your new acquaintance more often by name". Add from yourself: and even better, look at him and listen. Indeed, in each of us, if you look well, you can find the abyss of everything amazing and interesting ...

Interesting acquaintance
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